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Capri Hospice

And Palliative Care

A Brief Overview

Capri Hospice is a beacon of compassionate care, dedicated to providing unwavering support and solace during life's final chapter. With heartfelt devotion, our team embraces each patient and their family, easing their burdens and uplifting their spirits.

At Capri Hospice, we believe in the power of love and empathy. Our caregivers, nurses, and support staff embody these values, recognizing the uniqueness and worth of every individual. Beyond medical assistance, we create a sanctuary where everyday joys are celebrated, memories are cherished, and holistic care embraces emotional, spiritual, and psychological well-being.

Our Services

Compassionate Care Tailored To Each Person

A nurse taking card of old patient

Bereavement Counseling

Bereavement counseling offers a variety of services to the patient's family to help in understanding and coping with the grief.

Registered Nurses

Registered nurses are highly educated in palliative care and pain control. They work with the patients and the family to provide the best possible care.

Hospice Chaplain

Chaplains provide spiritual counseling for people of all faiths. They plan services and serve as a liaison between the family and clergy in the community.

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